Wednesday, March 12, 2014

President Peres Successor Search Begins

news: President Peres probably will not extend his term, meaning a new President could be elected next year

Casspi Meets Obama for Hanukkah

news: NBA basketball player Omri Casspi meets President Obama for Hanukkah

Killed Libya Teacher was Christian

news: A teacher killed in Libya recently was a Christian

Egypt's Morsi to Stand Trial

news: Ex-President Morsi of Egypt to stand trial for terror charges

Yemen Drone Struck Wedding

news: A US drone strike in Yemen mistakenly killed a wedding party of 14

US Pastor Still Under Arrest in Iran

Palestinian died at Checkpoint

news: Palestinian man crushed to death at overcrowded checkpoint

Israeli abortion rates

Palestinian Explosives in Prague

news: Explosives found in Palestinian mission in Prague after ambassador killed in accident with explosives

Current State of Iraq

Potential Terrorists arrested in Israel

Persecution against Christians in Middle East

Morsi Silenced in Court Appearance

news: Morsi appeared in a glass cell to be silenced during court appearance

Iranian Mental Hospital

news: Photos from inside Iranian mental hospital

Terror Attack Averted

Saudi King's daughters

news: The king of Saudi Arabia apparently keeps his daughters "imprisoned" in his palace