Wednesday, July 13, 2011

9-year-old Hasidic Jewish boy brutally murdered and dismembered in Brooklyn

Monday, July 11, 2011

IDF's females-only Hummer Operators Unit
Poll of best hummus brands in US
Record breaking 262,000 tourists entered Israel during June 2011; 1.6 million visitors so far this year
Glenn Beck in Israel speaks to Knesset committee
US and French embassies stormed in Syria by pro-Syrian people
Israeli Miriam Shoshana Shafek, 58, killed in rafting accident in Thailand
Israeli Behira Nuama, 58, from Kiryat Ata killed and 13 others wounded in car accident in Republic of Georgia

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Schedule of 2011 archaeological excavations in Israel

Friday, July 8, 2011

Glenn Beck to ascend Temple Mount next week
Jewish population of Judea/Samaria (West Bank) is now at 334,564 (as of June)
Jerusalem Light Rail to open August 19, 2011
7/5: Rabbi Menachem Feist, 83, accidentally drowned in Jordan River
Israeli Daylight Savings Time will now end in October starting in 2012
ME Quartet talks to take place July 11
7/1: 24 more killed in Syrian protests
6/30: 4 top Hezbollah terrorists indicted and named for Hariri death
Omri Casspi traded to Cleveland Cavaliers from Sacramento Kings
6/30: Organizers claim Israeli damage to flotilla ship to prevent flotilla
6/29: Jordan may oppose PA statehood vote at UN
6/29: "Christians" try to convert Knesset members
6/29: Cremation is against Jewish law and organization works to prevent cremation of Israeli
6/27: Major Arab terror cell in Jerusalem exposed
Video showing what Gilad Shalit has missed during his five years in captivity
6/27: 5 Hezbollah officials to be indicted for murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri
6/26: Palestinian Authority will officially seek statehood recognition from UN in September
6/26: Jewish man beaten by mob in Issawiya
6/26: Gas prices in Israel down to 7.26 NIS per liter (~$8.5/gal)
6/24: Scientist suggests Israel has 250 billion barrels of oil available to harvest
6/24: Unemployment rate in Israel down to 5.8% in April
Poll says Evangelicals support Israel
6/20: 3 top Russian nuclear engineers involved in Iranian nuclear project died in plane crash
6/22: Israel has 10,153 millionaires with $52 billion total assets
Paper about the Israeli economy by Dr. Hashai presented at 2011 Israel Presidential Conference
6/20: Tunisian ex-president Ben Ali sentenced in abstentia to 35 years in prison
6/20: Former Egyptian President Mubarak has cancer which may delay his trial
6/20: 1.283 million Israeli elementary school kids starts summer vacation at end of June
6/20: Summer vacation starts for 631,590 Israeli high- and middle-school children
6/17: Netanya building explodes in gas explosion; four Israelis killed
6/15: New Israeli ambassador to UN, Ron Prosor, starts job
6/12: Israeli officer died
6/12: Video of rocks thrown at Western Wall worshipers